Global Warming

Why The Need For Solar Energy

Global warming is caused by increasing amounts of gases in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) are produced by human activities. Primarily, combustion of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels including coal and gas are burnt at an alarming rate by our power stations to produce electricity. The best way to combat the depletion of our fossil fuels is to switch to solar energy and other renewable energy sources.

Greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are occurring at twice the rate of the earth’s forests and oceans are able to get rid of them.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide gas in the atmosphere, is a major part of green house gas emissions and thought to be largely responsible for global warming and climate change.

Carbon Dioxide gas concentrations are now increasing by approximately 2.5% every year.

The general consensus of the scientific fraternity is that carbon dioxide is effecting climate change and global warming.

A Clear Relationship

India produce the equivalent of 58 tonnes (58,000 kg) per person of green house gas emissions each year. This is one of the highest per capita in the world.