Our Company

AICA Engineering is a division of AICA Group. It is an Engineering Consultancy Practice specialising in all facets of electrical, design engineering and renewable energy. An Australian owned and operated company its success can be attributed to the integration of Electrical and Design Engineering and Sustainable design principles within the Renewable energy sector. Our expertise in Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) gives us a competitive advantage in an ever evolving industry.

AICA Engineering Australia has primarily been involved in the renewable energy sector specialising in Photo Voltaic (PV) systems, (installations, commissioning, maintenance / service) and development, testing and installation of Hybrid power systems, consisting of dual power sources for various projects and establishments. Having successfully executed and commissioned over 5000 installations across Western Australia for many leading solar companies like – REGEN POWER, SUNTERRA, SOLAR HARNESS, TRUSOLAR and MOJARRA among others, we have managed to carve a niche for ourselves in the increasingly competitive market. We hold relationships as the cornerstone of longevity of the company. Mutually rewarding associations have propelled us to grow and expand into new capacities.


AICA Engineering aspires to adopt an Innovative approach to satisfy our clients’ engineering needs for electrical and renewable energy. We strive to provide the best multi-discipline engineering concept available and specialise in providing a customised solution tailored to suit the client’s needs and circumstances. We design and install the system in the most ergonomic and efficient manner that will guarantee optimum performance and maximum output helps ensure that you will receive top returns on your investment and get the most out of your system.  We are a dynamic and continually evolving company integrating new ideas with basic engineering principles. We strongly believe in Innovation and continual improvement to achieve desired result in an efficient manner.


It is this skill, knowledge and expertise that is now available to customers in India with AICA Engineering India Pvt. Limited, (a wholly owned subsidiary of AICA Engineering Pty Ltd Australia) making its foray into the  market in South India. AICA Engineering India is now offering its local customers with a twofold objective of reducing their power bills and increasing sustainability in the most cost effective manner. This has been developed by AICA Engineering Australia with focused customer service research and development over a number of years.